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    Provide details of what you want done in your job post. College students in your area will be notified of your job and be able to contact you directly..

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    Different jobs deserve different pay, that's why we leave it up to you to decide what works. It's totally free to post and leaves you in control of the price..

  • Service by Students

    Local college students are always looking for ways to make money. Give them an opportunity to serve and they won't disappoint..

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About Us

Established in early 2018, we are a startup based in Spokane, Washington that creates mutually beneficial relationships between college students and communities. We’ve created technology which gives students the ability to earn more money around their own schedule providing customized services to local residents and businesses. We’re proving that college students are capable of more by giving them a way to connect, transact, and be accountable with people in their local community who want their help. From lawn mowing to moving help to graphic design- OddJobbers is bridging the gap between college students and college towns.