To our Spokane Community

I'm writing to you today, as many have before me, to provide an update on our business's response to COVID-19. First, we'd like to offer our condolences to those who have been directly affected by the virus; we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

In light of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) a pandemic and its designation as a national emergency in the US, we have taken some time to outline temporary standards for the use of We urge you strongly to follow these directives in order to prevent the transmission of this virus to fellow community members and users.

If you suspect you may have symptoms, please cancel or postpone

Due to the nature of our business, college students helping community members in and around their homes, we must take extreme caution in order to protect each other. If you have reason to believe that you've been exposed to the virus or are showing symptoms, please cancel any upcoming booking. Give us a call at 509-795-2700 to postpone, reschedule, or ask any questions.

Wear gloves & wash your hands

Disinfecting and keeping things clean is more important now than ever. While this would be a great Odd Job, I'm asking both customers and students to wear gloves if possible, wash your hands as often as possible, and avoid shaking hands or other personal contact with others.

Prioritize outdoor work

As the weather begins to turn more temperate, we're asking you to please prioritize outdoor work in the coming weeks. Working outdoors and not in close proximity to others will allow us to keep helping as needed but in a manner that is safer for everyone.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for your cooperation in this concerning time. There are still many unknowns surrounding COVID-19 and it is each of our responsibility to look out for other community members.


Nick McLain
Founder & CEO, OddJobbers, Inc.

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