Will F.

College: Gonzaga University

Year: Sophomore

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

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About Me

I'm Will Fricke and have been involved in the workforce my whole life. I am from Portland, Oregon where I worked at an Amazon warehouse facility and had to move and sort many different items at a fast pace. I also have previously worked at an ice company called Arctic Glacier in Portland where I had to package ice, move ice, and transport pallets into trucks to be shipped. Currently I go to Gonzaga and have enjoyed being in Spokane very much. My peers and coaches in the past have always said I have a strong work ethic and I will not let anything go unfinished.

Career Aspirations

Currently I am a sophomore at Gonzaga University majoring in Accounting. Accounting and math has always interested me and I enjoy doing both. I hope to graduate Gonzaga in May of 2022 and then move forward with my life either attempting to get an MBA or go into the workforce. I hope to either work for one of the big four accounting firms or work as an accountant for a company somewhere.

Jobs I Like

I enjoy doing many different jobs and will do whatever is asked of me. I have experience in yard work, moving, cleaning, babysitting, computer troubles, and many other odd jobs.


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